Pre & Post Moving

How it works

Everything you take with you will have to be packed, moved, unpacked, and placed in your new home. The less you have, the easier, quicker, and possibly cheaper your move will be. Together, we will work to decide what you and your family need and want to bring with you into your new home.

This process can start any time before your move date, but the earlier the better. Ideally it is an 8-week process. This allows enough time to plan and execute an organized move while considering all the other important deadlines you will have around move-in day.

This will be a clean sweep of your whole house. We will go room by room, item by item, and decide what to keep, donate, or toss. As moving day approaches, we will pack according to where items will be placed in your new home. Upon move-in, Living Space will assist with the process of unpacking and organize your belongings into your new home.

Standard pricing: $105/hr

Phone calls are always free.

Ask about project-based pricing.

Let's get moving