About Us

Our Mission

To provide families with the happiest home possible.

Our Philosophy

At Living Space, our agenda is your agenda. There are stories of professional organizers coming into homes, moving and shifting everything around, decluttering, making a home look beautiful, only to have it all fall apart the next week. This will happen if habits, routines, preferences, and needs are not talked about. This is where Living Space exists – in the areas behind the disorganization and clutter. Much of our time with you will be spent talking about those root causes and coming up with solutions to make sure they don’t come back.

Living Space and its founder, Aeric Heasley, value sustainability, reducing waste, and removing the clutter in our lives so we can focus on what is really important – each other.

Owner, Aeric, talking with colleague, Baltimore-Annapolis, Living Space Home Organizers
Owner, Aeric, in sierra landscape, Baltimore-Annapolis, Living Space Home Organizers
Owner, Aeric, posing as Superman, Baltimore-Annapolis, Living Space Home Organizers

Meet the Owner

Aeric is the proud owner and business runner of Living Space. After spending six years in Air Force intelligence, he decided he wanted to help his community in a more personal, tangible way. Seeing how decluttering and organizing his own home with his wife and two sons freed up their lives, the decision to start Living Space was a no-brainer.

Aeric has 15 years of logistics and operations experience for several large, national and international organizations. This, coupled with his Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications, has led him to take a more human approach to professional organizing. He understands that everyone has different needs and responds to different solutions. This is why he takes the time and such great care to work with his clients instead of for them. Aeric and Living Space consultants arms their clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to get, and stay, organized and happy.

His prior work experiences fed his love of travel with opportunities to visit the Pacific Northwest, California Bay Area, Central Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and ultimately the Baltimore-Annapolis area where he now lives with his family.

Aeric loves listening and playing music, hiking, and catching up on old TV shows, but mostly he loves being with his family. Dressing-up, reading stories, pretending to be a horse – you name it, he does it for his kids. Their latest project together is developing a homestead garden in their backyard.